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Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels

Marble Stone Honeycomb Panels For External Wall Cladding

Marble Stone Honeycomb Panels For External Wall Cladding

White color marble stone honeycomb panels for wall claddings
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Marble Stone Honeycomb Panels For External Wall Cladding

1.     General Information

Stone honeycomb composite panel consists of a natural and super-thin Stone veneer (3mm-5mm) and an aluminum honeycomb panel, tightly bounded together by highly adhesive film.  This kind of product maintains the beauty of nature marbles and granite while overcome their disadvantages of fragility and heavy weight. Puts an aluminum sheet between the stone veneer and aluminum honeycomb so that the products have good impact resistance and flexural strength.

Structure of stone honeycomb panels
stone composite panel structure.jpg

2.Specification of stone honeycomb panels

Panels Thickness


Stone Thickness

3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,   etc.          

Stone surface treatment

Brushed, polished, honed,   flamed, grooved, rubbing, etc.





Max Size


1. For interior wall: 15-20mm (stone: 5mm/6mm); mostly use marble & travertine; surface treatment: polished/matt surface  
2. For exterior wall:20mm to 30mm (stone: 7mm/8mm); mostly use granite & marble with dark color; surface treatment: polished/matt surface for marble

(1) Light weight, the standard stone marble honeycomb panel weights 16kg per square meter, which is 1/5 of that of the pure stone panel.  
(2) High intensity and high capability of anti-strike; its intensity is 10 times of 
that of the natural stone.  
(3) Good quality of sound insulation and heat insulation. 
(4) Convenient to construction, easy to installation.  
(5) Low weight, lower burden to the building, increase building life span. 

(6) Good weather and corrosion resistance.
(7) Can be made to flat shape, arc shape and sphere shape etc. wide optional colour, good decoration effect;
(8 ) Environmental friendly, super pollution resistance , easy to clean and quick to fit and can be recycled.

4. Comparison of Stone Honeycomb Panel and Traditional Stone Slab


Traditional stone Slab With   Junction Piece

Stone Honeycomb Panels

Weight comparison

30mm Total thickness

 20mm Total thickness

 75kg/m2 (weight)

 15kg/m2 (weight)

 Performance comparison

 Unable to bend

Bendable (pressing 30mm bent   not crack or broken)


big expenditure

 small expenditure


 (<$16.00/m2 )

Safety Performance

Cracking in impact-resistant   test

Only with punctate cracking

Material availability   (useful material output from one cubic)



Maximum size

≤ 600 x 600

up to 1600 x 3200

composition of stone honeycomb and stone.jpg

5. Applications:
Marble stone honeycomb composite panels are widely applicated in outdoor and indoor decorations.

Exterior building wall facades, interior wall decoration both commercially and household. Stone honeycomb panels are popular in bathroom decorations because it is waterproof and stronger than traditional tiles. Stone honeycomb composite panels can be used for bathroom ceilings, walls, partitions, floors, wash basins as well as doors. Beside, stone honeycomb panels can be used to make furnitures like table tops. Stone honeycomb panel tables are much lighter than tables made from total stones. 

stone honeycomb panel table tops.png

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