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Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels

High Quality Marble Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels For Bathroom Walls

7mm Serpeggianto marble stone composite with 20mm thick aluminum honeycomb panels
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Stone Honeycomb Panel is made of nature stone veneer and honeycomb panel and laminated by adhesive, the nature stone could be any kind of stone, such as Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone etc. Compared with the nature stone in the same thickness, the advantage of stone honeycomb panel is lighter weight , higher strength, Good preference in sound attenuation and dampproof , cost-saving , high pollution resistance etc . Also it would be more superior than nature stone since it's easy installation and transportation.

stone composite panel structure.jpg

Available Specifications:

Overall Panel Thickness
10mm to 200mm, regular thickness 20mm, 25mm
Stone Type
Marble, granite, travertine, quartz, etc.
Stone Veneer Thickness
3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc
Surface Treatment
Brushed, polished, chiselled, honed, flamed, grooved, rubbing, etc.
Max. Size:

1. For interior wall : 15-20mm (stone: 5mm/6mm); mostly use marble & travertine; surface treatment: polished/matt surface  
2. For exterior wall:20mm to 30mm (stone: 7mm/8mm); mostly use g
ranite & marble with dark color; surface treatment: polished/matt surface for marble

(1) Light weight, the standard stone granite marble honeycomb panel weights 16kg per square meter, which is 1/5 of that of the pure stone panel.  
(2) High intensity and high capability of anti strike; its intensity is 10 times of 
that of the 75px-thick-granite.  
(3) Good quality of sound insulation and heat insulation. 
(4) Convenient to construction, easy to installation.  
(5) Low weight, lower burden to the building, increase building life span. 

(6) Good weather and corrosion resistance.
(7) Can be made to flat shape, arc shape and sphere shape etc; wide optional colour , good decoration effect;
(8 ) Environmental friendly, super pollution resistance , easy to clean and quick to fit and can be recycled.

Stone honeycomb panels can be used in :
1. Interior & exterior wall cladding, curtain wall
2. Furniture board & door 
3. Bathroom,kitchen interior decoration;
4. Marine vessels interior decoration;
5. Ceiling/roofing & flooring 
6. Partitions (wall partition & toilet partition) 
7. Decoration material for office buildings, shopping mall, hotels, metro/subways station, train/railway station, air terminal
8. Cleaning room 
9. Machine board
10. Bus, Truck, Camper, Ship, Areosapce Industry
11. Lift and Elevator decoration


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