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Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels

Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels

Customize 6mm to 100mm Thick Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels
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Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels

Stone honeycomb composite panel is a kind of new building materials. Stone honeycomb composite panel has better impact resistance (3-5 times that of natural stone) than natural stones but is much lighter, it's weight is only 1/5 of that of natural stones. 

The stone honeycomb composite panel is composed of a thin natural stone veneer and backed with aluminum honeycomb panels. The glue used to bond the stone and honeycomb panel is high adhesive epoxy glues.

stone composite panel structure.jpg

Stone type: stone can be any type of stones including marble, granite, travertine, sandstone and ceramic tiles also.

Stone surface finish: sandblast, polish, honed, flamed,brushed and etc.

Stone thickness from 3mm to 15mm.

Honeycomb panel thickness: from 4mm to 200mm

Stone honeycomb panel used for exterior wall facades should be at least 25mm thickness with 6-7mm thick stone on top of honeycomb panels.

The installation system for stone honeycomb panel is dry hanging system which is easy and save a lot of manual works.

stone honeycomb composite panel 04.png

Production process of stone honeycomb panels:

Split stone slabs into two thinner pieces.

calibrate the stone thickness and polishing

compositing with honeycomb panels

cutting edges of composited panels into the required sizes

Parts of the stone colors you can choose from:

colors of stone honeycomb composite panels.png

You can choose any natural stones, just show us the stone type and color, we will find the same in Chinese market and composite with our aluminum honeycomb panels or fiberglass honeycomb panels.

Why use stone honeycomb composite panels?

 1. light weight:
Stone honeycomb composite panel is much lighter than natural stone slabs. Take marble stone for example, 3CM thick marble stone weighs about 75-80kg/m2. The marble stone used to making stone honeycomb panels can be cut into 3-5mm thick veneer, after composite with 25mm thick aluminum honeycomb panels, the total composite panel only weighs about 13-15kg/m2. You can see the weight of stone honeycomb panel is only 1/5 of the same thick stones.

 2.Increased strength:

Stone honeycomb composite panels has significantly improved the bending and shearing strength compared with natural stones, thus reduce the breaking rate in the process of transportation, installation and application.

3. Improved anti-pollution property:
Ordinary marble plate during the installation process or after the use of six months or a year later, the marble surface will has discoloration and stains. The dry hanging system of stone honeycomb composite panel avoid the pollution of glass cement on the stone surface.

4. Easier to control color:
The stone used for stone honeycomb composite panel is cut from thicker slabs, one 1m2 slabs can be cut into 3-4 pieces of thin stones, means 1m2 stone slab can be cut into 3-4m2 thin stones. The color of these 3-4m2 is same as it is cut from same area. So it is easier to control color difference.

5. Easy to install:
With the above characteristics, stone honeycomb composite panel is easier to be installed, thus improve the efficiency and safety.

Stone honeycomb panels can be widely used in building decoration, building facades,interior wall decorations, bathroom partitions and floors, luxury ship decoration, furniture tops, tables tops and etc.

Stone honeycomb composite panels can be used in following sectors:

Bathroom interior walls, floors, and wash basins. Stone honeycomb panel is easier to install, lightweight and waterproof so it can be used in bathroom decorations.

Table tops. Stone honeycomb panel made tables are much lighter than wholely stone stables thus easier to transport and move.

Interior and exterior wall decoration of commercial buildings. Stone honeycomb composite panels are widely used for building wall decoration which can realize the decoration beauty of stones but at the same time can reduce the load burden of the building because of its lightweight propertity than natural stones.

High end ship and vessel decorations. Stone honeycomb composite panel decoration is elegant, beautiful and luxury so it is popular for high end vessel decorations.

Stone honeycomb composite panels can be widely applicated to everwhere when stone beauty and light weight are required.

marble stone honeycomb panels.png


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