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Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels

30mm Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels

30mm Lightweight High Quality Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels for Building Facades.
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30mm Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels

Stone honeycomb composite panel is a derivative panel of aluminum honeycomb panel.

Stone honeycomb panel takes lightweight aluminum honeycomb panels or fiberglass honeycomb panels as the backing, the stone thickness is reduced to 5-8mm thus greatly reduce the weight of natural stone slabs.

You can choose any stones you can find in the market as top skins and we will manufacture it into thin slices and bonded with honeycomb panels. Marble stones, granite stones, sandstones, quartz, travertines and etc.

Granite stone honeycomb composite panels.jpg stone honeycomb composite panels 01 .jpg

Available stone honeycomb panel size:

300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 600x900mm, 600x1200mm and any other customized sizes.

Maximum size can be up to 1500x6000mm.

Available stone honeycomb panel thickness:

12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and any other customized thickness.

Weight of the stone honeycomb panel ranges from 15kg per square meter to 25kg per square meters according to different stones and stone thickness.

We not only manufacture square shapes, other shapes like round shape, angled shapes are all available.

Let us know your design we will make it into reality.

travertine stone honeycomb composite panels.jpg

stone honeycomb composite panels.jpg

Stone honeycomb panel can be widely applicated in:

Building and decoration industry, for example for building facades, exterior and interior wall panels, ceilings, floors and etc.

Bathroom floors, partitions and wash basin.

Ship decoration panels. Stone honeycomb panel is a good decorative panel for high-end vessel and ship decorations.

Furniture tops

stone Honeycomb composite panel for external facade.jpg

Package of stone honeycomb composite panels: The panels will be packed in export grade plywood crates to make it safe during shipping and transportation.

Delivery time: Small orders in 15 days, large orders in one month.

FAQ on stone honeycomb panels:

Q: What's the price of the stone honeycomb panels?

A:The price of such panel may varies a lot since the price of different stones are very different. The price can be vary from USD50 to USD90 per square meter. That's why this is a customized products. Please let us know the stone type, color, better to send photos of the stones, and overall panel thickness, we will check and quote our best price for you.

Q: Can i buy panels in your stocks? Is it cheaper?

A: This is customized products, as different customer require different stones, thickness and sizes. So we don't have any stock, we customize even for very small orders.

Q: Do you offer samples? If so is it free?

A: Yes we offer small samples and it is free of charge.

Q: Can i visit your factory?.

A: Yes we welcome you to visit our factory at your convenience.

Our factory photos:

stone honeycomb composite panels 02.jpg

stone honeycomb panel composite  .jpg

stone honeycomb panels manufacturing.jpg

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