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Ceramic Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels

6mm Thick Ceramic Bonded with Honeycomb Panels

1. General In formation Ceramic honeycomb composite panel consists of a super-thin ceramic tile (3mm-10mm) and an aluminum honeycomb panel or fiberglass honeycomb panel, tightly bounded together by highly adhesive film. This kind of product maintains the beauty of ceramic tiles while overcome...
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6mm Thick Ceramic Bonded with Honeycomb Panels

General Information

6mm ceramic with honeycomb composite panels are produced by 6mm thick ceramic tiles bonded with aluminum honeycomb panel or fiberglass honeycomb panels as strengthen structure. The ceramic honeycomb composite panels is a kind of new composite materials that used for building decorations. 

Structure of ceramic honeycomb composite panels

ceramic honeycomb composite panels.jpg

Traditional ceramic tiles are in tickness of 10mm-15mm. But nowadays there are some manufacturers that produces super thin ceramic tiles, the thickness normally is under 6mm, even in 3.0mm with size of 600x600mm and 600x1200mm. However, the super thin ceramic tile is fragile and easily breakable during transportation and installation. To overcome the disadvantages, ceramic tiles backed with honeycomb panels are produced to solve these problems. Honeycomb panels has very flat surface, and high strength, when ceramic tiles bonded with honeycomb panels, the composite panels becomes much stronger and not easy to break. Besides, the honeycomb panel is lightweight materials, so after bonding will not increase the weight of the ceramic composite panel too much.

Stricking test comparition of ceramic tiles and our ceramic honeycomb composite panels.

high strength ceramic honeycomb panels.png

Specification of ceramic honeycomb panels

Tiles Type

You can decide any ceramic tiles, show us the name or photos, we will find the same

Overall Panels Thickness

10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, any customize thickness

Ceramic Tile Thickness

3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.





Max Size


Why choose ceramic honeycomb composite panels?

  1. The super thin ceramic tile is made under high temperature up to 1200℃, so it is more stable and durable than traditional tiles. The shape is anti deformation, and the color will not fade after times of use.

  2. Good phycical properties.

    The ceramic honeycomb composite panel is A class fire retardant materials. Its bending strength up to 50MPa, anti striking strength up to 800N, water absorption ≤0.5%, Moh's hardness 7.

  3. Lightweight, high strength, super flatness, anti pollution, anti corrosion, weather resistance.

  4. Easy to clean, and easy to installation.

    The installation system applied to ceramic honeycomb composite panel is dry hanging system. The installation process is more simple and cost less labour than traditional cement mortar pasting.

    Besides, the dry hanging system use aluminum extrusions to install the panels, which is more safe. The risks of panel fall out is highly reduced since the bonding strength between honeycomb panel and tiles is up to 15MPa, while bonding strength of cement mortar is only 0.4Mpa. Thus ceramic honeycomb composite panels has better resistance to wind load and safer for high rise building decorations.

20mm ceramic honeycomb panels.png

25mm ceramic honeycomb composite panels.png

Ceramic honeycomb composite panels can be used in:

Exterior wall cladding of buildings. Ceramic honeycomb composite panels are a good substitute for traditional ceramic or natural stone slab wall claddings. The ceramic honeycomb compoiste panels are much lighter and has better resistance to weather, wind load and fires than traditional tiles.

Interior wall decoration for train stations, metro stations and airports. Ceramic honeycomb composite panels are becoming more and more popular for high end commercial interior decorations especially in public buildings.

Both interior and exterior decoration materials for shopping malls, hotels and office buildings.

Materials for partitions, walls and ceilings for bathroom.

Luxury vessel decorations.

Packaging and Delivery:
Packed with plastic foam and in export grade plywood crates.  

For example, 20mm thick ceramic honeycomb composite panels in 600x1200mm size will be packed in plywood crates, 50pcs per crates.

Delivery Time: 15-30 days depend on order quantity

ceramic and stone honeycomb composite panels.jpg


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