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What Are The Categories Of Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels?
Jul 13, 2017

Comparison of stone honeycomb composite plate and aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb panels can be the largest cassette to 1500mm * 4500mm, because the board itself is a composite material of aluminum honeycomb interior to provide a guarantee for the board itself to bear their own body weight, which in itself does not need to add any reinforcement, it is how to classify it, the following introduction.

The common aluminum sheet must be stiffened at the back of the plate when the width is greater than 1m or the length is greater than 2m. The stiffening ribs need to be welded on the back of the plate, because the thermal expansion coefficient of the stiffener is different from the plate itself, and after a number of thermal and cold changes, the plate will have a bumpy appearance. And this phenomenon usually occurs in the first half of the year after the completion of the project. Aluminum sheet is a single-layer product, it is relatively simple in processing, strong in modeling ability, but poor in accuracy. Honeycomb panel is a composite product, but its processing speed and capability are weak, but its accuracy is guaranteed.

A honeycomb aluminum is a cover system, a glue exposed and hidden glue two systems are available, the system fully consider the impact on the surface of the thermal expansion and contraction, four directions can be freely telescopic plate, avoid the temperature stress on surface roughness influence. The ordinary single deck aluminum plate only has the glue joint to expose the system, and installs all with installs the code to fix on the keel, does not have the suitable space to release the temperature stress, causes the board surface to be prone to warp.

The stone honeycomb composite board is a composite plate, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good flatness, large board surface, simple installation, easy maintenance, good environmental protection, repeated use, excellent performance of resisting thermal expansion and cold contraction, etc.. Aluminum sheet is a common non composite plate, compared with honeycomb panels, it does not have the above advantages, but compared with the cost, the thickness of 3MM aluminum sheet is generally 15 to 20% lower than that of 25MM honeycomb panel.

Because of the weight and molding reasons, the construction of relatively small use of 4MM thick aluminum veneer, and the thickness of the aluminum sheet cost and honeycomb board products difference is only about 5%.

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