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The Basic Function And Principle Of Stone Honeycomb Board
Jul 13, 2017

Under this big premise, the ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board arises at the historic moment. It is a kind of new building materials, compared with the impact resistance of ordinary natural stone is better per square meter is only 8 ~ 11 kg, is a common natural stone weight 1/7, its compressive strength is 3 ~ 5 times, completely overcome the natural stone weight, fragile and other defects, provides a better performance for the excellent and application field for a new generation of building materials widely.

Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite plate is simply the stone plate with aluminum honeycomb substrate of 3mm ~ 5mm by composite adhesive together, not only saves the stone and reduce the weight of finished products, can better the stone effect reflected in some of the bearing has a high requirement of the building.

Once China's non renewable raw materials over the high quality stone veins gradually dried up, and building materials prices continue to rise, people come to realize the precious non renewable resources, so the market began to appear a variety of composite stone base, cheap stone, ceramic tile and aluminum honeycomb, the purpose is to save raw materials non renewable, prices also declined substantially, before we just inside the lintel and the cornice used aluminum honeycomb composite stone, the purpose is to reduce weight, while the use of aluminum honeycomb composite stone is the first stone curtain wall in a large area in China is also one of the few.

As a developing country with a large population, China is faced with the arduous task of developing the economy and improving people's livelihood, and is also facing severe challenges from the constraints of resources and environment. Building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society is the strategic decision of the Chinese government and the common goal of the Chinese people. Through our unremitting efforts for the sustained and healthy development of China's economy, for global resource conservation and environmental protection to make new contributions.

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