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What Is The Effect Of Surface Painting On The Quality Of Aluminum Veneer?
Sep 02, 2017

HWSTRONGER is a professional producer and seller of indoor and outdoor aluminum veneer, aluminum veneer curtain wall, aluminum veneer ceiling, imitation stone aluminum veneer, imitation wood grain aluminum veneer, punching aluminum veneer and other decorative works supporting materials of large enterprises.

Aluminum veneer is a new type of decorative materials, with a unique shape, bright colors, has now been widely accepted by the masses. Aluminum veneer as an external wall decoration board, not only to get used to the wind and rain environment, but also to resist the sunshine. So the requirements of aluminum veneer on the surface of the paint is very high, does not require falling, but also lasting bright. So the field of aluminum veneer wall paint must use a good paint, whether it will greatly reduce the life of aluminum veneer. Some aluminum veneer manufacturers for the pursuit of profit, the use of some residual paint for spraying. If the aluminum veneer using residual paint for spraying, in the use of easy to show oxidation, drop the phenomenon, not only affect the overall decorative effect of the building, but also affect the life of aluminum veneer. If the use of residual paint spray, the film can not be well covered in the appearance of aluminum, in use will also show oxidation, drop phenomenon. Aluminum veneer manufacturers not only on the appearance of aluminum veneer paint the quality requirements are very strict, and the paint quality requirements are also high. Aluminum veneer is selected, such as Aksu, PPG, Kaopu Le, and other world-renowned brand paint, and after the Japanese Lanshi spray production line for spraying, aluminum veneer appearance uniform color, flat lubrication.

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