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Round Shape Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Manufactured For Outdoor Furniture Table Tops
Jan 13, 2018

Round Shape Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Manufactured for Outdoor Furniture Table Tops

In the last month of 2017, we have finished order of round shape aluminum honeycomb panels.

We're the only few factories that can do thr round shape honeycomb panels by cutting mahines not by engraving machines. The round shape aluminum honeycomb panels are cut into different circles with various diameters.

The largest round one is with diameter of 1200mm. The round shape honeycomb panel made of one side aluminum sheet and the bottom side with fiberglass sheet which is corrosion resistant and is suitable for outdorr use. Customer will past a decorative stone veneer on top of the aluminum skins and four edges will be covered with the same color glues.

The round shape aluminum honeycomb panels will be used for outdoor table tops. The honeycomb panel is in thickness of 25mm and 30mm, after bonding with stones, it will comes to be thicker like 35mm.

What's the advantages of using the aluminum honeycomb panels as table top? The aluminum honeycomb panels are in super flatness and very lightweight, it is 100% recyclable materials and can be durable for 20 years in outdoor condition.


round shape aluminum honeycomb panels.png 

round shape aluminium honeycomb panels.png

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