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Requirements For Stone Aluminium Honeycomb Panels
Jul 13, 2017

Requirements for stone aluminium honeycomb panels:

1, stone, aluminum honeycomb panels, the front and bottom are required punching, punching diameter 2.5mm, spacing 5mm, paste two black sound-absorbing cotton.

2. The total thickness of aluminum honeycomb panel is 12mm.

3, stone, aluminum honeycomb panels specifications 1000*2500*12mm; note: a small amount of edge specifications, according to site sizing.

4, honeycomb core using AA3003H18 aluminum alloy, hexagonal structure, the length of 6mm, thickness of 0.06mm

5, all materials should be able to withstand frequent operation, and is recyclable, production of environmental protection materials.

6, all the keel and steel parts selected high quality steel, and hot galvanized, in kindergarten sound-absorbing board, environmental protection sound-absorbing board.

7, stone aluminum honeycomb plate material combustion performance accords with "building material sound-absorbing board insulation board material ranking flammability classification method" (GB 8624-1997) a standard, and the test report issued by the national quality supervision and inspection center of the fire building materials.

8, stone aluminum honeycomb panel with 0.7mm thick AA3003H24 substrate was of high quality Aluminum Alloy, the surface of the white polyester pre roll coating, coating thickness greater than 20 microns; aluminum honeycomb plate with thickness of 0.5mm, AA3003H24 Aluminum Alloy substrate quality, surface anti-corrosion paint processing, coating thickness greater than 5 microns.

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