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Prospects Of Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy Plate
Aug 24, 2017

Aluminum plate  is a kind of aluminum material, it is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate material, we all know the advantages of many materials, aluminum also has excellent characteristics, Zhongtian Peng Bo aluminum has excellent Rust-proof properties, formability, solubility, and its corrosion resistance and so on. Aluminum, it has a wide range of uses, which for furniture office lighting, architectural appearance, interior decoration: ceilings, walls, etc., furniture, cabinets, elevators, signs, nameplates, luggage, car interior and exterior decoration. , Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc. In aerospace and military aspects. Mechanical parts processing, mold manufacturing and so on.

In the aluminum plate there is an anodized aluminum veneer, this aluminum veneer is in the aluminum surface naturally grow a thick layer of dense aluminum oxide film, this layer of oxide film is not an additional layer, will not peel off. The oxide film is transparent and colorless, and the microcrystalline structure is hexagonal honeycomb. It can be used to highlight the metallic feeling of aluminum, and it can give the curtain wall a brilliant color evenly in the micropores. It greatly widens the application horizon. This anodized aluminum plate has a strong stain resistance and is easy to clean and does not produce corrosive spots. Not rust, you can long-term exposure in the sun.

There is anodized aluminum plate surface hardness is high, up to the gem-level, scratch resistance, the surface without paint cover, retain the aluminum metal color, highlight the modern metal sense, improve product quality and value-added. Because aluminum itself is easy to form the molding material, aluminum is the same, aluminum decorative strong, moderate hardness, can easily bend forming, continuous high-speed stamping, easy processing directly into the product, no need for complex surface treatment, greatly Reduce production cycle and reduce production costs. This anodized aluminum plate is often used in anodized plates for metal aluminum ceilings, curtain panels, aluminum-plastic panels, firewood, honeycomb aluminum, aluminum veneer, electrical panels, cabinet panels, furniture panels and so on. Aluminum plate veneer installation and construction convenient and quick. Aluminum veneer is not easy to stain, easy cleaning and maintenance. So that the surface is difficult to attach contaminants, but also has a good self-cleaning.

Aluminum in the factory shape, the construction site without cutting, fixed on the skeleton can be. This aluminum plate can be recycled, environmentally friendly. Zhongtian Peng Bo aluminum for green life has made a great contribution. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, there are now more and more enterprises in the aluminum industry. I believe in the future development of its aluminum market will be better.

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