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Production Process Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
Jul 13, 2017

In the process of processing aluminum honeycomb panel, according to the existing text data and drawings, sheet metal processing and aluminum honeycomb plate processing, composite refinement design, there are the following steps:

A. irregular hand drawing all changed to AUTO CAD drawing.

B. drawings of serial numbers without aluminum honeycomb panels shall be uniformly numbered. Number is further numbered: suffix +A represents the panel; suffix +B represents the backplane; suffix +C represents the aluminum honeycomb core; in turn, analogy.

C. aluminum plate or other material surface plate for sheet metal processing, it is necessary to seriously measure the bending coefficient, and filing.

D. write directories, calculate single area and total area and so on.

E. to sheet metal processing plate, according to the bending coefficient to draw the sheet metal expansion drawing, and show size. Do not indicate the inside and outside of the picture. After the implementation, draw the expansion map. In general, the main view of the unfolded view faces the inner surface (usually without a coating surface) and other conditions are specified.

F. write sheet metal processing instructions, specify the processing flow, tolerances, precautions, processing points, and so on.

G. write sheet metal processing table, font size. The texture direction along the length direction is expressed as "arrow"; "said Fang Xiangshun, the width of the texture".

H. for CNC cutting and NC to open the material, to carry out computer programming, and stored in the U disk and other technical information, together with the workshop director for receipt.

I. write aluminum honeycomb plate processing instructions, specify the processing flow, aluminum honeycomb core requirements, adhesive material requirements and construction technology, special-shaped mold drawings, aluminum honeycomb panels construction process, how to follow-up processing.

J. provide auxiliary drawings, installation drawings and installation requirements.

K. proofread technical documents prepared by other personnel.

L. archive the completed drawings and technical documents.

M. on-site instruction to solve the difficult problems such as installation of aluminum honeycomb panel.

N. answers to aluminum honeycomb panel processing problems.

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