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PP Honeycomb Board Product Performance
Jul 13, 2017

People have learned a lot in the biology world, not only through the dissemination of information through chemical substances, but also some of the biological structure of the wisdom, or creatures to create the product. Among them, the honeycomb honeycomb structure is the most recently concerned. People through research and experimentation, summed up a lot of experience, and clever use of industrial production. This time we come to see under the pp honeycomb board modeled after the honeycomb structure, what characteristics can it?

Thermal insulation performance; PP honeycomb board superior insulation performance, can effectively block the heat of the spread, is the internal temperature is relatively stable, in the refrigerated trucks and car box above the body has been a very good application.

Water resistance, corrosion resistance; due to the characteristics of its raw materials, can be long-term use in high water content and corrosive environment. Widely used in the construction of the terminal and the manufacture of sea floating rafts.

Due to the permeability of the product, in the fountain has also been widely used, with activated carbon can also be used in air filtration and purification equipment.

Through the above description, we can understand, pp honeycomb board features, although not much, but has a very big advantage, can stand out in similar products. And we can understand that the bees have been able to survive for so long, but also by the temper of nature, with biological instinct and wisdom, creating the wonders of nature.

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