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Method For Mounting Stone Honeycomb Panel
Jul 13, 2017

How about the installation method of stone honeycomb panel?. Stone honeycomb panels generally have three kinds of methods, mainly 1. lug type, the installation method is lug and lug type honeycomb plate separation, separate processing after connected with the honeycomb board glue seam position, seam width suitable for rubber is larger than 12mm, the installation method has simple fabrication and convenient installation. The 2. flange installation way is, the processing of aluminum honeycomb panel is installed with processing installation only need to comfort the flanging, connected with keel and adhesive joints can be suitable for adhesive joint width is larger than 10mm, this method has the advantages of convenient installation, but the process is more complex, not suitable for other curtain wall plate. 3. buckle type, this node is aluminum buckle strip, buckle strip is a special profile, installation is simple, but this method of plate processing precision requirements are higher, not recommended for use in the length of more than 3000mm of the plate. According to the width of the buckle, there are 20mm and 40mm in the middle of the plate. The following stone honeycomb board manufacturers for everyone to introduce the stone honeycomb panel installation method, I hope you understand.

The stone aluminum honeycomb board glue and clean, the aluminum honeycomb board surface protective film folding part is torn, press the 90 degree corner folding edge to put on the beautiful pattern paper. Textured paper in "+" glue joints should be folded into a 90 degree angle, the entire plate textured paper once, hard to avoid the swinger, textured paper crease, foam packing requirements of dense beech round, flat.

Glue according to the straight line, from top to bottom, from left to right, once finished, according to the principle of scraping glue injection should also be an end, in the "+" word interface ripping speed slightly slower. Tear off the textured paper, into a 45 degree tilt outward pull, to tear up the crepe paper into the trash, avoid environmental pollution, rubber weather is dry, the outer protective film off the tear, with a dry cloth to wipe the dust around.

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