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Material Analysis Of Honeycomb Aluminum Plate
Jul 13, 2017

1, aluminum decorative panels

Honeycomb aluminum decorative panel material is usually the same as the use of 3003,5005 grade grades, alloy composition of less 1100 sheet less acceptable. Decorative surface to accept the spraying or roller coating situation, the coating is polyester or fluorocarbon paint, the outer wall of the best choice of spray board, and requires more than three coating, paint layer thickness ≥ 40μm, so that the package is coated with water.

Aluminum plate before painting to be subject to severe appearance of anodized disposal penalties to ensure adequate coating adhesion and adhesion strength with the honeycomb core, panel coating should be satisfied with the national model YS / T429.2-2000 requirements.

2, aluminum backplane

Honeycomb aluminum plate should be selected with the same material plate plate, the appearance of an anodized disposal, exposure to the atmosphere in a wall should be coated with coating coating, coating materials for polyester, epoxy, acrylic and other materials to Anti-permanent in the atmosphere exposed to the rust caused by aluminum.

3, aluminum honeycomb core material

Aluminum honeycomb core material is made of aluminum foil and special honeycomb node glue on aluminum honeycomb core production line. Factors affecting the performance of honeycomb core material, including aluminum foil, node glue and honeycomb core specifications and other parameters.

3.1 Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil should be selected 3003 grades, the processing process should be held in a harsh appearance of punishment, in dealing with the strength or durability requirements of the higher products, should be used with caution 1100 pure aluminum foil manufacturing honeycomb core material.

3.2 Node glue

The gluing gel should be made of epoxy modified high temperature curing adhesive, which not only can provide sufficient bonding strength and has excellent resistance and rugged temperature resistance. Extensive adhesive due to the low strength of the honeycomb core is often easy to degumming, resulting in group crushing instability.

The strength of the node of the honeycomb core is an important basis for evaluating its performance, and the node strength data should be ≥ 2.0N / mm.

3.3 Honeycomb core specifications

Aluminum honeycomb core specifications are determined by the thickness of the aluminum foil and the size of the honeycomb cell, the difference between the size of the aluminum honeycomb has a different density and poor mechanical properties, the cost there is a big difference.

The honeycomb core specification can be expressed in terms of the diameter of the honeycomb hole in the circle (inch unit) and the thickness of the aluminum foil / the length of the cell grid (metric unit).

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