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Introduction Of Honeycomb Aluminium Sheet
Jul 13, 2017

Honeycomb aluminum plate is a kind of metal composite plate product series developed in combination with aviation industry composite honeycomb panel technology. This product adopts the honeycomb sandwich structure, composite plate with high strength alloy coating decorative surface coating excellent weather resistance of the aluminum surface, as the bottom plate and the aluminum honeycomb core with high temperature and high pressure compound made. This series of products with advanced technology, good material and reasonable structure advantages, not only in large scale, the smoothness of the outstanding performance, and there are many choices in terms of shape, color, surface treatment, installation system etc.. In addition, the panel in addition to aluminum alloy, but also in accordance with customer needs to choose other materials, such as: copper, zinc, stainless steel, titanium, fire board, bell 1000 board, marble, aluminum plate and so on.

Manufacturing process of honeycomb aluminium sheet

Honeycomb aluminum products are selected by the company's unified standard of pre roll coating high-grade aluminum alloy coil, combined with a variety of production processes refined.

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