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How To Manufacture Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels?
Sep 05, 2017

Fiberglass honeycomb panel has been widely used for bodies of vehicles.

The production process of fiberglass honeycomb panel is not easy.

First, to prepare raw materials.

Gel coat fiberglass is made in coils, usually 100meters per coil. To make composite panels, need to be first cut into pieces. The sizes of fiberglass sheet should be 100mm-200mm wider than finished size the edges need to be trimmed after composition.

The PP honeycomb core for composite panel should have a layer of non-woven fabric for bonding. The layer enlarges the surface of bonding with fiberglass skins.

The glue used for fiberglass honeycomb panel is two component epoxy glue. The glue need to be evenly put onto the fiberglass skin sheet.

Then use vacumm platform or press machine to composite the panels.



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