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Honeycomb Structure Composite Materials Industry Has Broad Market And Great Opportunities
Aug 24, 2017

The honeycomb structure is a special type of composite material. Because of this kind of light structure material has the best specific strength, specific stiffness, maximum fatigue resistance, smooth surface and so on, it has been widely used in the field of Chinese areospace. The honeycomb structure is essentially a composite material consisting of three basic materials, which provides the possibility to change the parameters to meet the design specifications. The most commonly used in the model task is aluminum panel - aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure, carbon fiber panel - aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure, FRP panel - FRP honeycomb sandwich structure, which is characterized by more complex structure, high dimensional accuracy requirements, process content  and long development cycle.

With the continuous development of the research and reporting technology of the composite materials industry, the application of light steel structure in industrial and civil buildings has led to the development of multi-functional new composite sheet. Honeycomb structure composite material with light weight, high strength, high flatness of the board, easy installation, can achieve large pieces of sheet metal, easy installation, easy maintenance, good environmental protection, reusable, anti-thermal expansion and contraction performance advantage. In recent years, the development of aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels is particularly rapid and has made great progress and in the building facades, roof decoration, interior ceiling, wall decoration, advertising investment card production, business tanker, private yacht decoration , The national aerospace industry,exhibition booth design, commercial bus, private car, train, subway, high-speed rail, bus and other public transport areas have been widely used.

The aluminum honeycomb composite panels are widely used in the construction field because of their light weight, flame retardancy and high specific strength. However, the large area is used for about ten years, such as the Oriental Pearl (20.44, -0.270, -1.30%) TV Tower , Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal, Capital International Airport and other famous building walls are used aluminum honeycomb panels.

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