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Different Surface Materials Used In Metal Curtain Wall
Aug 24, 2017

Metal curtain wall used in the surface material are the following: aluminum composite panels, single-layer aluminum, aluminum honeycomb panels, fire board, titanium zinc plastic aluminum composite panels, sandwich insulation aluminum, stainless steel, color coated steel, enamel plate The

The aluminum composite panel is made of 2-5mm thick polyethylene or rigid polyethylene foam plate with 0.5mm thick aluminum plate inside and outside the two layers. The board is coated with fluorocarbon resin coating to form a tough and stable Of the film, the adhesion and durability is very strong, rich colors, the back of the board coated with polyester paint to prevent possible corrosion. Aluminum composite panels are commonly used in the metal curtain wall panel material.

Single-layer aluminum plate with 2.5mm or 3mm thick aluminum plate, the outer curtain wall with a single layer of aluminum and aluminum composite panel surface coating material consistent film toughness, stability, adhesion and durability are exactly the same. Single-layer aluminum plate is the aluminum composite panel after another metal curtain wall commonly used panel material, and the application of more and more.

The honeycomb aluminum plate is a kind of composite material which is bonded with honeycomb core material in the middle of two aluminum plates. According to the function of the curtain wall and the durability period, the honeycomb aluminum plate with thickness of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm can be used. 10mm honeycomb aluminum plate should be 1mm front aluminum and 0.5-0.8mm thick back aluminum alloy plate and aluminum honeycomb adhesive, the thickness of 10mm above the honeycomb aluminum, the front and back of the aluminum plate thickness should be 1mm The honeycomb core material should be specially treated, otherwise its strength is low and the life is short, such as the shape of the honeycomb core, the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb, the square, Chemical oxygen on the aluminum foil, its strength and corrosion resistance will be increased. Honeycomb core material in addition to aluminum foil and fiberglass honeycomb and paper honeycomb, but the actual use of small. As the cost of honeycomb aluminum plate is very high, so the amount is not.

Fire board is made of metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate ﹑ ﹑ titanium plate, titanium plate, copper plate, etc.) as the panel, halogen-free flame retardant inorganic material modified core material for the core layer, Into a fireproof sandwich sandwich panel. According to GB8624-2006, divided into A2 and B two combustion performance level.

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