Benefits Of Using Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board is a new type of building materials, with better impact resistance

than ordinary natural stone. The stone honeycomb composite panel is very light, it's weight is only 8-11 kg per

square meter, the weight is only 1/7 of ordinary natural stone , while it's compressive strength is 3-5 times of

natural stone. The stone honeycomb composite panels completely overcome the heavy weight, fragile and other

defects f natural stones, providing a new generation of building materials with more excellent performance and

wider range of application .

Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite panel is simply compound  3mm ~ 5mm thick  stone veneer and aluminum

honeycomb board together through the adhesive and vacuum composition, not only saves the stone but also

reduce the weight of the finished product. The stone honeycomb panel is a perfect choice when building has high

demand of load bearing.


Advantages of stone honeycomb compiste panels:

1. light weight:

Marble stone can be cut into 3mm thick when backed with aluminum honeycomb panel, after bonding, the overall panel thickness can be only 10mm, thus can save transportation weight and cost. With the reduced weight when building has the load limitation stone honeycomb panel becomes the best choice.


2. Increased strength:

Stone honeycomb composite panels has significantly improved the bending and shearing strength compared with natural stones, thus reduce the breaking rate in the process of transportation, installation and application.

3. Improved anti-pollution property:

Ordinary marble plate during the installation process or after the use of six months or a year later, the marble surface will has discoloration and stains. The dry hanging system of stone honeycomb composite panel avoid the pollution of glass cement on the stone surface.

4. Easier to control color:
The stone used for stone honeycomb composite panel is cut from thicker slabs, one 1m2 slabs can be cut into 3-4 pieces of thin stones, means 1m2 stone slab can be cut into 3-4m2 thin stones. The color of these 3-4m2 is same as it is cut from same area. So it is easier to control color difference.
5. Easy to install:

With the above characteristics, stone honeycomb composite panel is easier to be installed, thus improve the efficiency and safety.

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