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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Used For Exterior Wall Cladding
Aug 24, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb panels, the skin are mainly use high-quality 3003H24 alloy aluminum or 5052AH14 high manganese alloy aluminum with a  thickness of 0.8 ~ 1.5mm fluorocarbon roller coated or color-resistant painted, color-resistant paint has better performance than PVDF coating in anti-scratch, acid rain corrosion,discoloration and self-cleaning. The thickness of the bottom plate is commonly used is from 0.7 ~ 1.0mm, the total thickness recommended for exterior cladding is 25mm.

The aluminum honeycomb panel is firstly used in areospace area, with good decorative features it has been developed to civil application. It now has a wide application in civil building, decoration and construction field.

Aluminum honeycomb panels are made of aluminum and aluminum honeycomb core, through high-tech dust-free operation and special aluminum honeycomb composite equipment. The high pressure lamination makes the aluminum honeycomb more solid, more flexible, more straight, and become a luxury, high strength, light weight material. Following are some related technology of aluminum honeycomb panel used for exterior walls.

Aluminum Skin with PVDF Roller Coating:

PVDF is abbreviation of polyvinylidene fluoride, it also call PVF2.

PVDF is a specialty plastic material in the fluoropolymer family; it is used generally in applications requiring the highest purity, strength, and resistance to solvents, acids, bases and heat and low smoke generation during a fire event. Compared to other fluoropolymers, it has an easier melt process because of its relatively low melting point of around 177 °C.

Sealed Edges:

Aluminum honeycomb panel used for external wall cladding is with sealed edges to prevent water come in.

Sealed aluminum honeycomb panel is like a closed box.

We do the sealed edges by folding machine. Our folding machine can do folding up to length of 6000mm.


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