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Aluminium Honeycomb Panels-New Material Of Car Body
May 21, 2018

With the development of automobile technology, the function of automobile is more and more perfect, the structure of automobile is more and more complicated, the traditional car is usually composed of thousands of parts, and modern advanced car is composed of tens of thousands of parts.

In order to meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and comfort, the target of lightweight, high strength and high performance has been changed greatly in the material of automobile. Usually according to the composition of the material, the automotive materials are divided into metal materials and non-metallic materials two major categories. With the development of automotive technology, besides the metal materials and non-metallic materials, the composite materials and nanomaterials will also be more widely used. Among them, aluminium honeycomb panels, as a kind of new composite materials will be the most popular one.

The honeycomb panel as a sandwich composite panel is composed of a thick and very light honeycomb in the middle of two thin skins. According to the different sandwich material, can be divided into paper honeycomb, glass cloth honeycomb, glass fiber reinforced resin honeycomb, aluminium honeycomb and so on, the panel sheet can be FRP, plastic, aluminium plate and steel and other materials. Because the Honeycomb sandwich composite board has the characteristics of light weight, high specific strength and specific stiffness, anti-vibration, heat insulation, sound insulation and flame-retardant, it has been used in automobile body, such as exterior board, door, frame, bumper, seat frame and so on. In the United Kingdom, a thin sandwich plate with polypropylene as core and steel plate as the panel is used to replace the steel body outer plate, which reduces the 50%~60% of the part quality and is easy to be pressed and formed.

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