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Aluminium Honeycomb Panels Compared With Aluminium Solid Plates For External Wall Claddings
May 14, 2018

Box aluminium honeycomb panels and aluminum veneer are commonly used materials for curtain wall. Compared to the curtain wall aluminum veneer, box-type/rigid aluminium honeycomb panels is larger, because the honeycomb aluminum plate is composite material, the internal aluminum honeycomb to ensure that the plate itself can withstand its own weight, so it does not need to add any reinforcement. The ordinary aluminum veneer with width greater than 1m or longer than 2m must have strengthening parts welded on the back of the plate. And because the stiffened rib and the plate itself has different thermal expansion coefficient, after several times of hot and cold alternating, usually after the completion of the six months to a year, the face of the plate will become uneven.

Curtain wall Aluminum veneer because it is a single-layer product, so it can be relatively simple processing, but also has a strong modelling ability, the disadvantage is that the production accuracy is poor, and as a composite product of aluminium honeycomb plate due to its slower processing speed and weak modelling ability to ensure production accuracy.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Features:

Because aluminium honeycomb panel is a composite plate, so it's light quality, high strength, with good flatness, big board, easy to install, maintenance is also convenient, at the same time because of its re-use, so very environmental protection, but also to resist thermal expansion and contraction.

Characteristics of aluminum veneer of curtain wall: Because it is ordinary plate, not composite material, without the above advantages of aluminum honeycomb plate, but it also has its own strengths, the cost is slightly lower, cost of 25MM aluminum honeycomb panels generally is 15% to 20% higher of 3MM thick curtain wall aluminum veneer sheet. Building due to its weight and molding reasons, 4MM thick curtain wall aluminum veneer used relatively little, but 4MM of the curtain wall aluminum and aluminum honeycomb plate product cost difference is only 5%.


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