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Aluminium Honeycomb Panel Applicated In Furniture
Nov 15, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturing technology derives from the aviation industry to the aluminum panels and backplane, the middle folder with aluminum honeycomb core, the use of high-quality two-component PU glue pressing composite with excellent corrosion resistance and high Specific surface area (surface area to volume ratio), specific strength, specific stiffness (strength, stiffness and weight ratio) features. The processed composite aluminum honeycomb panel has smooth and smooth surface, light body weight, high strength (tensile strength> 4.2Mpa), high carrying capacity, high specific strength and high rigidity (the structural rigidity is 1.7 times of the rib type ), Not easy to deform, noise, earthquake, fire, moisture, and we use composite aluminum honeycomb panels in the furniture design and application of its force is not easy to deformation, the advantages of high surface roughness.

(A) Bed furniture

Whether single bed or double bed, in order to maintain the unity of furniture, harmony, bed screen and drawer surface can be made of composite aluminum honeycomb panel, honeycomb panel made bed railings, bed frame made of aluminum alloy profiles, Steel bars are provided on both sides of the inner side of the bedrail, which are fixed by M8 stainless steel countersunk head bolts. This connection method makes the furniture look beautiful. Disassembly method, after fixing, under heavy pressure, reduces the shearing force of the bed railboard to the fixing bolt, so as to ensure the firmness and safety of the bed body. Bed panels in the production, aluminum honeycomb core surrounded by aluminum alloy square tube to strengthen the overall guarantee of the bed panel and solidity. Its surface is smooth, and the impact is not easy to deformation.

(B) Desk furniture
In order to ensure the uniformity and matching of furniture styles, the desk of the desk adopts "Fumeijia" fireproof board whose core material is particle board with t = 25mm. The front edge of the countertop is arc-shaped, and the PVC seals are sealed on the both sides and the back edge. Drawer surfaces and door panels made of aluminum  honeycomb panels, Taiwan pier frame using t = 1.2mm made of aluminum, and with a rigid back plate to be strengthened. Taiwan pier assembly connection using welding methods. The drawer slide is a self-locking ball slide, the gap between the drawer and the drawer is kept at 5 ± 0.5mm, the appearance of the product is elegant, light and durable, and beautiful, which shows the style of the panel furniture.

翻译时出错(C) Cabinet furniture
Cabinet furniture integrated bed and desk type furniture processing methods to maintain the technological characteristics of furniture, furniture that formed a unified and harmonious style. Cabinet furniture to take the floor inside the floor to facilitate the construction and installation of fixed.

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