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Advantages Of Honeycomb Aluminium Panels
Jul 13, 2017

Advantages of honeycomb aluminium sheets

(1) light weight: aluminum honeycomb panel density is small, is the same thickness of the same area board weight of 1/5, glass 1/6, greatly reduce construction load and cost;

(2) sound insulation fire prevention: because the interlayer contains a lot of air, it can be soundproof and heat insulated. Without combustible material, the fire prevention grade can reach B1 grade;

(3) high strength: unit quality, strength, stiffness, deformation is not easy to overcome other decorative plates in a single block of large deformation, intermediate collapse and other shortcomings.

Honeycomb aluminium plate and use

(1) building exterior wall decoration, such as wall hanging board, curtain wall board, etc.;

(2) building interior decoration, such as reception lobby, conference hall, sound absorption board, ceiling ceiling and so on;

(3) aluminum honeycomb board partition: aluminum honeycomb panel with sound insulation, fire prevention, moistureproof function as partition material, break the traditional partition model, with its noble and magnificent style, frequently used in high-grade office space;

(4) aluminum honeycomb panel panels can be diversified, enhanced aesthetic, such as aluminum, solid wood, gypsum board, Dali stone, can be made of honeycomb panels, materials and diverse options.

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