25000 Square Meters Of Aluminum Corruagted Panels Are Made By HWSTRONGER For The Tallest Building In China

- Oct 17, 2017 -

The tallest building in China, Nanning Financial Center is located in Guangxi Province, totally 25000 square meter of aluminum corrugated panels are used for interior walls and ceiling for this project!

The aluminum corrugated panel is made by 0.8mm aluminum sheet with aluminum corrugated cores, the back skin is absent because the panel is for ceiling use. The aluminum skin is coated in white colors and with perforation for sound insulation.

We customize various sizes and shapes of the alumium corrugated panels for this project. The total project takes almost one year to finish installation.

Here are some photos of the panels before and after installation.

Aluminum corrugated panel.jpg

aluminum corrugated panels.jpg

aluminum corruagted panel ceiling.jpg

perforated corrugated panel ceiling.jpg

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