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2500 Square Meters Expanded Aluminum Honeycomb Cores Are Finished
Aug 23, 2017

Normally aluminum honeycomb cores are sold and shipped in unexpanded slices.

The order of 2500 square meters expanded honeycomb core is special because customer require 0.08mm aluminum foil, and cell size is 1/4 inch, the honeycomb core in such specification is very strong and hard to be expanded manually. So we use honeycomb core expanding machine to expande the honeycomb core and ship to our customer.

For honeycomb core of very high strength, we recommend customer to buy a expanding machine. Shipping the honeycomb core in expanded form is inconvenient and require much more space. Commonly one 40GP can load aprrox. 25000 square meters of unexpanded honeycomb core, but if shipped in expanded form, 40GP can only ship 1000 sqaure meters.

Unexpanded aluminum honeycomb core


Expanded aluminum honeycomb core


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