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2000 Square Meter Of HPL Honeycomb Panels Are Exported
Apr 17, 2018

HWSTRONGER  HPL–ALU Honeycomb Panel or High Pressure Laminate Honeycomb Panel is a sandwich panel bonded with high pressure laminate face material and with a core in aluminum honeycomb. It offers high mechanical properties and good fire performances. In particular, HPL-ALU Honeycomb Panel is widely applied in shipbuilding and railway sector. The face material can be painted in different RAL colors. The HPL faces (skins) are available in different thicknesses and coatings.

Our panels are produced according to the needs of our clients, therefore dimensions and specifications are determined by our customers. Lightweight panel HPL-ALU can be applied in different sectors and for following applications: partitions, interiors, furniture, ceilings and floors.

In ealier April, HWSTRONGER are producing 2000m2 HPL honeycomb panels for an India Customer. The HPL honeycomb panel is manufactured of 1.0mm thick HPL sheet as face materials and aluminum honeycomb as the core. The white color HPL honeycomb panel will be used for a high-end commercial vessel interior wall buildings.

HPL honeycomb panels.png

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