What material is the aluminum honeycomb board made of?
Jul 13, 2017

It mainly consists of fluorocarbon paint coating, aluminum board surface, aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum base plate, protective back coating and special glue.

Fluorocarbon resin coating, is sprayed on the aluminum honeycomb panel, is used to resist the external environment test, fluorocarbon tree has stable chemical structure can resist the erosion of various environment, exposed to the weather, including rain and snow weather and the intrusion of corrosive substances.

The aluminum alloy panel is made of high quality aluminum alloy sheet, and the thickness is usually between 0.8-1.5mm. For the aluminum honeycomb panel, the panel adopts aluminum alloy model, usually does not choose 1 series aluminum alloy, 3003H24 and 5052H24, 5005H24 and so on, is the most frequent choice.

Similar to the panel, the aluminum panel is usually made of aluminum alloys of excellent quality. The floor just after oxidation treatment is simple, can withstand the corrosive substances in the air, this is the so-called protective coating on the back, usually the manufacturers in order to save costs, and will not paint on the back, in addition to the special requirements of customers.

The aluminum honeycomb core is the whole core part of the aluminum honeycomb panel, so it also selects the aluminum foil of 3003H24 type, and the thickness and the intensity of the hole can be adhered according to the specific requirements of different occasions.

Special adhesive, panel and bottom plate and honeycomb core, etc., need to be bonded, which requires special types of adhesives for processing, not only to ensure the decorative effect, to ensure the performance of aluminum honeycomb panels.

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