What is the Size of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
Aug 24, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb panel size can be summerized into standard size and customized size.

Standard panel size is 4ft by 8 ft, 1220x2440mm.

You can buy standard panel size and cut into special pieces as you want.

But most customers buy customized size.

Our customized honeycomb panel size can be divided into following

1、Normal honeycomb panel size within 1500*5000mm 
2、Max. panel size we can make now is:2000*10000mm for open edges,and 2000x6000mm with closed edges.   For the large panel size, we recommend to make thicker panel thickness otherwise the strength of the panel can not be guaranted.
3、Aluminum honeycomb panel is composed of aluminum sheet and aluminum honeycomb。Aluminum sheet thickness is between 0.8mm--3.0mm,aluminum honeycomb is between 3m--300mm。

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