What is Anodized Aluminum Honeycomb Panels?
Oct 18, 2017

Anodized aluminum honeycomb panels take anodized Al-Mg Alloy as front skin and corrosion coated aluminum sheet as back skin, inside is aluminum honeycomb cores. All alloy used is 3003 series industry aluminum alloy.


The popularity of anodized aluminum honeycomb panel used for building wall claddings is due to the following three advantages of the materials:

  1. Anozided aluminum honeycomb panel is a kind of new, morden and beautiful building materials. Anodizing process is different from ordinary aluminum painting process. Anodizing process electrolyzing the conductive acid electrolyte through electric current to make the aluminum surface anodized and produce a dense protective oxide film. The oxide film is not additional like painting, it will not fall out.

  2. Safe, energy saving, recyclable.

    The anodized protective film is a kind of inorganic substance without any harmful articles. It is also non-combustible materials and 100% recyclable, so it is not safe to use but also energy saving.

  3. Easy to clean and maintain.

    The anodized aluminum honeycomb surface is anti-pollution and weather resistance. The special component of the oxide protective film makes the honeycomb panel surface free from dust and fingerprint. 


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