What Decide The Strength of Aluminum Honeycomb Cores
Jan 03, 2018

Aluminium honeycomb cores, as a kind of new building materials, has been widely applicated in building industry. What are the factors that influence the strength of the aluminium honeycomb cores?

  1. The aluminum foil. The aluminum alloy grade influence the strength of the aluminum honeycomb cores. Normally the aluminum honeycomb cores should be made at least  from 3003 aluminum alloy, but in fact, some of the manufacturers in the market don't use 3003 alloy, they use 1100 alloy instead to save production cost. HWSTRONGER honeycomb cores are made from high quality 3003 alloy, and 5052 alloy at customers request to ensure the strength of the materials.

  2. Aluminum foil thickness or we call honeycomb wall thickness also decide the strength of the honeycomb cores. The thicker aluminum foil used, the higher strength the aluminum honeycomb cores will have. Normally the aluminum foil used to make aluminum honeycomb cores should not be less than 0.04mm. Normally aluminum honeycomb cores used to make sandwich panels are in 4x0.04mm, 5x0.05mm and 6x0.06mm (cell nodexfoil thickness).

  3. Thickness/height/depth of the aluminum honeycomb cores. The thicker of the honeycomb height, the higher density, so the honeycomb core will has better strength.

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