Use of honeycomb panels
Jul 13, 2017

The plastic honeycomb panel is different because of its composite bottom plate. According to the different use requirements and the use of parts, it is necessary to use different backplane honeycomb panels.

1, the use of plastic plates, tiles, granite, calcium silicate board:

The plastic honeycomb panels made of these bottom plates are almost the same as the whole panel. If the building has a special load-bearing limit, these honeycomb panels will be more useful, not only light weight, but also a lot of strength.

2, the use of aluminum plate for the bottom plate

Because of its ultra-thin and ultra light performance, suitable for wall and ceiling decoration. And in the construction process to use glue paste, in decorating the ceiling, other stone is no substitute.

3. The application range of aluminum front panel for soleplate

The special performance of aluminum honeycomb panel makes it more suitable for exterior wall and inner wall dry hanging. It is generally used in large, high-grade buildings, such as airports, exhibition halls, five star hotels, etc.. At the same time, it can also be used as a table panel, table and kitchen cabinet, and also can be made into an isolated shape and a cylindrical honeycomb panel. Its excellent performance is favored by the choice of many kinds of dry wall materials

4. The use range of plastic honeycomb panel for soleplate

Because of its bending strength is weak, the characteristics of high compressive strength, but also because of its ultra light performance is generally used for wall decoration, can be used for dry hanging installation, can also be used for special glue, more suitable for use in interior wall, ship and yacht.

5, the use of glass plate

The plastic properties of natural materials, because some have transparency is very good, with the composite plastic and glass, can achieve transparent decorative effect, the general use of dry hanging installation and mosaic, which can also be installed in different color lights, with music, will have a fantastic effect. The future can also be used in the furniture on the table, on the table. At the same time, can be equipped with some luminous material, in the case of closing the lights, it can still glitter brilliant luminous.

6, the use of composite board floor

A lot of composite wood species, different wood is used as a base plate, its product performance is also different, can be used in wall decoration and furniture.

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