Three Methods to Clean the Gold Ma Granite Stone Tiles
Aug 30, 2017

Gold Ma Granite stone with the excellent quality, high surface finish, corrosion resistance acid and alkali, hardness density, high iron content, no radioactive, noble color, is a kind of yellow gray, scattered gray point, and the color comparison Yellow and called gold hemp. When the hemp stone is installed in the outdoor environment, it is easier to be damaged by some stains, so it is important to remove the stains in time. Here are three methods to eliminate and clean the granite stone surface:

1. Paint and paint clean. When the paint or paint drips on gold and hemp, it sticks to the surface of the stone in addition to sticking to the surface. Before cleaning, you should use a thin blade to remove thin layer contamination on the surface and then use the selected cleaning agent to clean. The choice of cleaning agent, if the same or similar cleaning experience, according to experience directly select and use the appropriate cleaning agent. Otherwise, you should try to make the appropriate choice and try, but avoid abuse and misuse. However, regardless of cleaning agent or method, it is best to try a small range, and then determine the effect and dosage after use.

2. Clearing of daily pollution and stains. Daily pollution and stains refers to the surface of the gold linen surface from people's daily life and work some common pollution and stains, which are caused by unknown oil, dust and dirt, and so on. For some common oils, use some basic or weakly alkaline or neutral detergent containing a surfactant formulation to achieve the desired effect. When cleaning, first clean the detergent on the working surface, scrub with a slightly hard brush, then soak for a while, scrub with a brush, then clean the dirt, and then clean the sides with clean water. The previous cleaning process can be repeated as the case may be.

The three methods of cleaning the yellow stone

 3. Remove rust.

Golden Ma granite stone usually has two kinds of rust, rust caused by the rust caused by the main reason. Like the surface of the golden hemp stone, corrosion due to corrosive rain corrosion; the other is that the iron compound in the material is further oxidized and diffused by water. At the same time, the stone should be promptly treated rust, because the excess water, but also make the stone pollution.

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