The Selection of Aluminum Foil Used for Aluminum Honeycomb Cores
Dec 25, 2017

The aluminum foil quality is very important to the quality of aluminum honeycomb cores. The aluminum foil used by HWSTRONGER is from Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co.,Ltd which produces the best quality aluminum foil in Chinese market.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. supplies the aluminum foil with high strength and high durability and good surface properties, among the best in the domestic aluminum foil production enterprises.

In the market, the general aluminum foil is in 3003 alloy, the state H18, the thickness between 0.03-0.08mm, mostly between 0.04-0.06mm, tensile strength requirements is above 280MPA , the elongation rate is about 3%. There are also a small number of 5052 alloy honeycomb aluminum foil, but due to high cost, dosage is minimal, the product requirements of the board type and thickness of more stringent requirements on the board is not high.

The main advantages of honeycomb foil are as follows:

1. Made of metal, fire-retardant insulation, noise, shock effect is good.

2. Epoxy fluorocarbon surface treatment, with strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no cracking, no blistering.

3. Structural functional composite, with strong rigidity and tear resistance, stable performance.

4. Intelligent functional materials, light texture, easy transportation, reusable, more environmentally friendly.

5 decorative strong, easy processing, installation and removal easy.

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