What is the surface finish of aluminum honeycomb panel for different applications
Sep 02, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb panel has a wide range of application such as building decoration of walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, ship interior decoration, furniture decoration, vehicle decoration and tec.

The honeycomb panels used in different sectors should have proper surface treatment.

Here are some common surface treatment of aluminum honeycomb panels:

  1. Mill finish or we call bare aluminum.

   Mill finish aluminum is always required for further lamination, for example laminate with stones and decorative sheets.

  2.Primer coating

    Primer coating is used for back skin of aluminum honeycomb panel. It is a expoxy primary coating that can protect the aluminum surface from corrosion. The coating also is good for further lamination.

  3. Polyester/PE coating

   PE coating is made on alumium skin when the honeycomb panel is used indoors, such as ceilings, interior walls.

   4. PVDF coating

    PVDF coating is required when honeycomb panels used outdoors. The coating is corrosion resistance and weather resistance. PVDF coated aluminum honeycomb panel can be durable for 20-25 years in outdoor use.

   5. Powder coating

    Powder coating is used for interior application.

   6. PVC film

    PVC film is decorative film on aluminum honeycomb panels for interior decoration. It has a wide range of colors and wood looks is commonly used.


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