Surface Treatment of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

- Aug 23, 2017 -

The aluminum honeycomb panel can be used in a variety of fields, in different application, the surface treatment of honeycomb skin is different.

  1. When aluminum honeycomb panels are used for further lamination, for example to be composited with wood, stone, or any other decorative materials, the aluminum skin is usually in mill finish, or we call in bare aluminum, or we call in bare aluminum.  Bare aluminum honeycomb panel are always required for further lamination to save cost. To have better bonding, we can grind the bonding aluminum skin to make it rough.

  2. When aluminum honeycomb panels are used in outdoor condition, such as roofs, exterior wall cladding, PVDF coating on aluminum skin is required. With PVDF coating, the aluminum skin is durable for 15-20 years in ourdoor condition.

  3. When aluminum honeycomb panels are used indoors for decoration directly, the aluminum skin is PE coated. PE coated aluminum honeycomb panel is corrosion resistance and with decoration beauty.

  4. Anodized

  5. PVC film coated

  6. UV printing


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