Soundproof Perforated Aluminum Honeycomb Panels for Ceilings Use
Oct 27, 2017

Soundproof perforated aluminum honeycomb panels adopt "honeycomb sandwich structure", is composed of perforated high strength aluminum sheets as both top skin and back skin, sandwiched inside with aluminium honeycomb cores.

aluminum honeycomb panel for ceilings.png

Why the perforated honeycomb panels provide good sound insulation?

The reason is that the air between the face and the bottom layer is separated into lots of cellular closed holes, for which the propagation of heat and sound wave is extremely limited. Besides, between the perforated aluminum skin and honeycomb core, there will be non-woven acoustic fabric cloth ( brand used is Freudenberg). Together with the perforation holes, the honeycomb panel has insulation index up to 0.9.

Common perforation diameter is 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm. You can have different designs to change the perforation rate, for example, change the perforation hole diameters and change the distance between holes.

white color perforated honeycomb ceiling panels.png

What are the dvantages of using aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels?

  1. Larger size than traditional ceiling tiles, but with better flatness.

  2. High strength and lightweight, aluminum honeycomb panel has perfect strength to weight ratio.

  3. Good sound insulation, fireproof and waterproof as well.

  4. Easy installation. Every piece can be disassambled and replaced seperately.

  5. Honeycomb panel size, thickness, color and shape all are customizable according to the request of customers.

  6. Good technical propertities.

    A2 class fireproof(GB8624-1997)

    Tensile strength 165-215 MPa

wood color perforated honeycomb panels.png

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