How to solve the bubbled problems on aluminum honeycomb panels?
Sep 20, 2017

Aluminium honeycomb panel is made by gluing of two aluminum sheets and aluminum honeycomb cores. The composition process looks simple, but actually it involves many details and requires much experience when make the panels. One of the most common problems is bubbles may appear on panel surface if the composition process is not doing well. When you meet this problem, following method may help you to some extent.

First steps, drill several holes on the bubbled surface. Then put some adhesive inside the holes, you can use glass cement or silicone sealant. After inject the glue, find something to press the surface so the glue can bond the aluminum skins to honeycomb cores. After glue cured, even the hole tops, and get some painting that should be as same color as the aluminum honeycomb panel. By this way, you can rebond the bubbled area and get the honeycomb panel repaired.

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