Production Techonology of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
Aug 24, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb board products are selected uniform standard pre-roll coated high-grade aluminum alloy coil, contact a variety of production processes refined.

1, coating skills
(1) the use of original coating baking skills to ensure that the coating adhesion and color uniformity and saturation.

(2) can provide the required color according to demand, but also can provide a variety of special coating.

2, molding skills
(1) through a series of mold gradually forming, full release of the internal stress sheet.
(2) maintenance panel appearance of the coating is not damaged, more use. All production processes ensure high accuracy of sheet metal processing.
(3) continuous hot composite production process efficient and fast.

3, honeycomb compound skills
(1) from the modern aviation scientific and technological achievements, lighter weight, but the higher the strength of the plate.
(2) the use of high temperature composite and panel hot pressing technology to ensure the integrity of the plate, strength and flatness.

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