Production Process of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
Aug 21, 2017
  1. Prepare of Raw Materials including aluminum skin sheet and core material.

  Aluminum skin: Roller coating →color coated aluminum coil→Decoiling→Cutting into sheets

  Core Material: Honeycomb core expanding

  2. Gluing: the adhesive should be evenly glued to the back side of aluminum sheet

  3. Composition of two aluminum sheet and aluminum honeycomb

  There are two ways to press to composite panels, hot press and cold press.

   If use hot lamination machine, high temperature polyurethane glue is required, and hot press only takes 1.5      hour to 2 hours.

   Another way is cold lamination. Cold lamination we can use two component epoxy glue, the cold press takes    7-8 hours.


   4. Cutting edges of the composited

    Using cutting machine to shear the edges of finished panels and cut into the required sizes.

    Edge cutting process exsist when the panel is with open edges, for panel with closed edges, no need          cutting.

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