Production Process of Aluminium Honeycomb Cores
Nov 22, 2017

1. Aluminium foils

aluminum foil.png

   Aluminium foil is the main raw material that makes the aluminium honeycomb cores.

  The quality of aluminium foil affect the physical propertities of formed honeycomb cores.

   HWSTRONGER honeycomb cores manufactured mainly from two aluminum alloy foils, alloy 3003H18 and

   alloy 5052H18.

2. Anti-corrosion treatment.

  aluminium honeycomb core production process.png

  The aluminium foils need to be pre-treated with certain  liquid to be anti-corrosion.

3. Gluing

gluing process of honeycomb core making.png

The gluing process is a key process in the production of honeycomb cores. The process of gluing decide the    bonding strength of the walls of honeycomb cores. Our gluing is processed in a seperated clean space to      ensure the quality of gluing and the bonding strength of finished honeycomb cores. The glued aluminium foils are piled one by one to form foil blocks.

4. Hot Lamination

honeycomb core hot press process.png

The glued aluminum foil blocks are put into high temperature oven to make the glue cured. ABy hot lamination, the glued honeycomb blocks are formed.

5. Cutting

honeycomb core cutting process.png

After hot lamination, the honeycomb core blocks are cutted into unexpanded slices in the cutting room. Whatever the thickness you want, we can cut for you.

6. Expanding

aluminium honeycomb cores.png

The unexpanded honeycomb core can be stretched to form the hexagonal structure after fully expanded by expanding machine or by hand.


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