New trend of honeycomb paper wallboard environmental protection
Jul 13, 2017

The composite wall of light honeycomb aluminum plate is mainly composed of two parts. Honeycomb paper inner core, it is the core of product technology. The inner core is flame retardant and moisture-proof. And because of the honeycomb structure, it has good sound insulation and warmth retention effect. Of course, more robust. The second part is the surface rock face fireproof board. The main role of the solid exterior wall, fire waterproof. And the biggest advantage of paper is its installation is very convenient. More than 1 times faster than traditional lightweight partition materials.

With the continuous development of the national economy, China has gradually entered the period of accelerated development of industrialization and urbanization. Construction authority data show that China's annual new construction area will reach 16~19 million square meters, by 2020, the country is expected to increase the construction area of about 30 billion square meters.

Such as every 50 square meters of construction area of a 10 meters long, about 2.8 meters high wall calculation, then every year the country will increase the wall area of about 9~11 million square meters, the market scale is huge. The new super light honeycomb composite wall is widely used in the interior wall of the building, such as workshop, high-rise building and office building. Compared with the products commonly used in the market, it has the following advantages:

(1) weight is 80% lighter than calcium and magnesium cement composite light wallboard. It can save the investment of building structure 5%-10% and save the investment of inner wall 28%-39%.

(2) increasing the available floor space 3%-3.7%.

(3) sealing performance, good sound insulation performance.

(4) the appearance is smooth and beautiful, and the materials and labor are saved.

(5) rapid processing and assembly, wide range of adaptation, can improve the effectiveness of 7-20 times; by the owners and construction units welcome. Dry construction.

(6) low price per square meter.

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