Common Installation Method of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels as Exterior Wall Facade
Aug 23, 2017

There three installation method of aluminum honeycomb panels:

1. Lifting ear

This installation method is the lifting lug and honeycomb board separation, hanging lips after processing and honeycomb board after the single joint position, the width of the joint is ≥ 12mm, this installation method to make processing simple, easy to install.

2. Flanging

This installation is the processing of aluminum honeycomb panels that are installed with the installation of flanging, installation only need to comfort the connection with the keel and the seam can be suitable for the width of the adhesive tape ≥ 10mm, this method is easy to install, but the processing is slightly complicated, Not suitable for modeling curtain wall panels.

3. Buckle style

This node is made of aluminum buckle, buckle for a specific profile, the installation is simple, but this method of sheet metal processing accuracy requirements are higher, is not recommended for use in the length of more than 3000mm above the plate. According to the width of the buckle, the slit in the plate is 20mm and 40mm.

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