In What Forms Are The Aluminum Honeycomb Cores Sold?
Jan 04, 2018

In What Forms Are The Aluminum Honeycomb Cores Sold?

Aluminum honeycomb cores can be used in a wide range of applications, when used in different areas, aluminum honeycomb cores can be sold and delivered in different conditions according to the request of customers.

Aluminum honeycomb cores used for making sandwich panels like aluminum honeycomb panels need to be produced in perforated form. Usually the aluminum honeycomb cores are sold in unexpanded cutting slices and can be expanded by hand in site. You can choose perforated honeycom cores and non perforated honeycomb cores.

 unexpanded honeycomb core slices.jpg

Aluminum honeycomb cores with high density for example in thick aluminum foil and very thick height, it is difficult to expand by customers. In this case, the aluminum honeycomb cores need to be expanded before shipping. We will use honeycomb core expanding machine to stretch the honeycomb cores.

 expanded aluminum honeycomb cores.jpg

To save the shipping space and costs, the aluminum honeycomb cores can also be sold in unexpanded blocks, customers can cut into slices they need, the height and thickness can be cut from the blocks.

unexpanded aluminum honeycomb core blocks.png

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