Honeycomb Core Prices
May 26, 2018

Aluminium honeycomb core is a lightweight, environmentally friendly (100% recyclable) material with good mechanical properties: lightweight, stiffness, fire resistance, compression, shear and corrosion resistance, super flatness. With these good propertites aluminium honeycomb cores can be applicated in a variety of inductries. But what's the honeycomb core prices? That is a question concerned by many. It's hard to tell the exact price as the aluminium honeycomb core is a customized products, there are some factors may influence the price.

Actually the aluminium honeycomb core price depends on it's density. The higher density, the higher price. You may ask what are the factors that influence the density? The density of honeycomb cores depends on aluminium foil thickness used and cell size. Normal aluminium foil thickness used is 0.04mm, 0.05mm and 0.06mm. The cell size used is 1/4 inch, 1/3 inch and 3/8 inch. The thicker aluminium foil used, the smaller cell size will lead to higher density, so price is also higher. When you're looking for honeycomb core prices, it's important to inform the cell size and foil thickness to be used, otherwise the price given will be other dimensions. Besides, the alloy used also affec the honeycomb core price, for example alloy 3003 is cheaper than alloy 5052.

Aluminum honeycomb core structure.jpg

Aluminium honeycomb core price is always calculated by square meters. But sometimes with large quantity and when customer want to cut diiferent thickness at their own factory we can sell by weight also.

HWSTRONGER offer the best quality honeycomb cores with good prices. Our honeycomb core prices ranges mostly from USD1/m2 to USD8/m2 with different specifications. We welcome your any inquires.

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