Honeycomb aluminum panel has many characteristics that conventional materials do not have
Jul 13, 2017

Honeycomb panels are inspired by honeycombs, and honeycomb structures resist much more crushing pressure than any round or square, and honeycomb panel honeycomb structures are available. Honeycomb aluminum sheet not only has excellent performance in large scale and flatness, but also has many choices in shape, surface treatment, color and installation system. It has been popular in the market in recent years.

Honeycomb aluminum sheet has many characteristics that conventional materials do not have

(1) the quality of light, low density: the core layer of aluminum honeycomb panel is a typical porous structure, lattice polygon hole continuous periodic regular arrangement, and honeycomb board entity section area is very small, so the density is very small relative to other sandwich materials. Because the density of honeycomb panel is much smaller than that of plywood, steel plate and so on, the quality is the lightest when the volume is the same. The quality of the honeycomb aluminum sheet is only 9% of that of the same volume of the glass fiber reinforced plastic laminate, 11% of the same volume steel plate, and 23% of the same volume aluminum alloy plate. This makes it possible to save a lot of energy when the honeycomb aluminum plate is applied on airplanes. Low density and lightweight make the honeycomb panel meet the requirements of lightweight, energy saving and environmental protection for aircraft and transportation vehicles.

(2) the ratio of high strength, good rigidity: from the perspective of mechanics, structure of aluminum honeycomb is similar to many - Liang Xianghu together, similar to the beam flange panel, mainly under in-plane loads, and the honeycomb core is similar to the I-beam webs, its main role is to withstand shear stress and connecting and supporting plates on the following. But the honeycomb and I-beam webs are different, it is not rare but densely stiffened reinforced core layer, distributed within the whole panel, and the height of the core plate thickness is much larger than that which makes the section moment of inertia has doubled, to improve the overall stiffness and overall stability also increased significantly.

(3) shock resistance, vibration damping, good cushioning. When the honeycomb aluminum sheet is subjected to the impact outside the surface, the impact force can be transformed into the plastic deformation energy of the honeycomb core, so the impact energy can be absorbed effectively. Based on the self falling ball impact test of aluminum honeycomb, dent area, dent depth observation of impact position, impact position that found no cracks, aluminum honeycomb board with good toughness and impact resistance is strong, can absorb most of the energy through its deformation, good damping effect.

(4) heat insulation and sound insulation. The material that makes the honeycomb panel itself has no thermal insulation or sound insulation, such as aluminum, which is a good conductor of heat and sound. However, the unique structure of the honeycomb board makes the honeycomb panel good in heat insulation and sound insulation. Wo core is a kind of porous structure, pore Gezhan most space, with the thickness of aluminum foil is made of 0.lmm specifications of the aluminum honeycomb 51.96x48.00x12.2Omm as an example, the total volume of the solid part 4%. Honeycomb core and composite panel into a honeycomb plate, hole lattice becomes six prismatic sealed space, air layer on the panel are also divided in many closed hole Gezhong, prevents air flow, it is difficult to heat convection and radiation in the form of communication in such a structure, sound waves are also largely restricted in the so, a honeycomb plate heat insulation and sound insulation performance better.

(5) good fireproof and dampproof property. The panel and core layer of the honeycomb aluminum sheet are made of aluminum alloy, and the aluminum alloy is an inflammable material and can play good flame retardant and fireproof function. In addition, the aluminum alloy itself has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance.

(6) the formability is good and the thickness is optional. The thickness of the honeycomb aluminum sheet can be selected according to the actual needs of the 6-100mm, and the shape can also be made into a flat plate, a single panel or a hyperbolic panel according to specific requirements. Honeycomb aluminum sheet not only has good formability, but also does not deform easily after forming.

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