Features of stone aluminum honeycomb panel
Jul 13, 2017

1, light weight:

Marble composite board, the thinnest can be only 5mm thick (with aluminum composite board). The commonly used composite tile or granite is only about 12mm thick, transportation saves a lot of costs, and the building has a load limit, it is the best choice.

2, increase the intensity:

After the composite of marble, ceramic tile, granite and aluminum honeycomb board, the bending resistance, bending resistance and shear resistance of marble are obviously improved, and the breakage rate in the course of transportation, installation and use is greatly reduced.

3, improve pollution resistance:

The ordinary marble plate (the board) in the installation process or after the process, such as using cement wet paste, probably after six months or a year, various color and stains appear very difficult to remove the marble surface. The composite board avoids this because its base plate is more rigid and dense and has a thin layer of glue at the same time.

4, easier to control color difference:

Because marble compound board is to use 1m2 original board (whole body board) cut 3 pieces or 4 pieces, became 3M2 or 4m2. The patterns of the 3 and 4m2 are almost the same as the color of the 100%, so it is easier to guarantee the consistency of the color and the pattern when it is used in a large area.

5, easy installation:

Because of the above characteristics, in the process of installation, no matter weight, easy to break (intensity, etc.) or color separation splicing, greatly improve the installation efficiency and safety, but also reduce installation costs.

6, break through the restricted area:

The decorative parts of marble, both inside and outside wall, floor, window, porch, desktop and so on, the original ordinary board (the board) are not the problem, but the ceiling either marble or granite, any decoration companies dare not and can not take the risk. And marble and aluminum-plastic board, aluminum honeycomb composite board after breaking through the forbidden area of this stone decoration. Because it is very light, the weight is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the board. If you want to decorate the ceiling with stone, it's not the only thing.

7, sound insulation, moisture-proof:

A composite board made of aluminum honeycomb panels and marble, with a hollow aluminum core made of equilateral six sides, with sound insulation, moisture proof, heat insulation, and cold proof properties. Therefore, these characteristics go far beyond the performance characteristics of the whole board.

8, energy saving and consumption reduction:

Because of its sound insulation, moisture resistance and heat preservation performance, the stone aluminum honeycomb composite board can greatly reduce the consumption of electric energy and heat energy after installation indoors and outside.

9, reduce costs:

Because the stone composite material is thinner and lighter, a part of the cost is saved in the transportation and installation, and the cost of the finished product board is lower than that of the original plate to a certain extent.

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