Cleaning and Maintenance of Stone Honeycomb Board
Aug 25, 2017

Stone aluminum honeycomb board glue and clean

1. The aluminum honeycomb board plate protective film part of the ripple, according to 90 ° corner fold at the US profile paper. US profile paper in the "+" word seam should be folded into 90 ° corner, the entire plate of the United States of paper once in place, forced sweep, to avoid the US profile paper wrinkles.

2. Stuffed foam beech, require dense straight.

3. Irrigation by a straight line, from top to bottom, from left to right, once finished.

4. Scraping gum according to the principle of glue should also be in the end, in the "+" word at the mouth of the scraping speed slightly slower.

5. Tear off the US profile paper, into an outward 45 ° tilt pull, the tearing of the US profile paper concentrated in the trash, to avoid environmental pollution.

6. Weathering dry, the tail when the outer protective film to tear off, with a dry cloth to wipe around the dust.

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