Wide Range Applications of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels
Sep 28, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb panel, as a new building and decoration material in the 21st century, with good propertities such lightweight, good rigidity, heat and sound insulation, fireproof, durable and recyclable, it has a wide range of applications in different industries.

In construction and decoration:

Aluminum honeycomb panels as lightweight sandwich panels can be used for exterior curtain walls. The PVDF coated aluminum honeycomb panels can be designed into different shapes and colors used for external wall claddings and facade envelopes for buildings.

The PE coated aluminum honeycomb panels can be used for indoor decoration, such as interior wall decoration, partitions, ceilings. Aluminum honeycomb panel used for ceilings are usually in 12mm thickness and perforated on the skins for soundproof purpose.

Besides, it can be used directly for modular house walls and bathroom walls and partitions. Honeycomb panel thickness can be up to 100mm and 200mm.

In transportation:

Honeycomb sandwich panels are become more and more popular in transportation industry. Vehicle builders can use aluminum honeycomb panel to make bodies, roofs even floors of cars, trucks and trailers.

For transportation industry used honeycomb panels always in high density to ensure the stifness and strength.

The aluminium honeycomb panels can be painted in different colors, and cut into customized sizes.

Honeycomb panels used for floors is with anti slip skins.

In Furniture:

Honeycomb aluminum panels can be used for furniture building and decoration.

Honeycomb panel made furniture top is lightweight but with good strength.

Kitchen top, table top and cabinet board all can made from aluminum honeycomb panels.

For furniture use, wood grain aluminium honeycomb panel is the most popular one as it keeps the beauty of natural wood but very lightweight.

Tank Covers:

Aluminum honeycomb panel with anti corrosion surface treatment can be used for tank covers. The aluminum honeycomb panel are made with sealed edges and all corners are welded to prevent oil leakage. The honeycomb panel looks like a well closed box to work as tank covers.

Marine Use:

Aluminum honeycomb panel as a good fireproof sandwich panel is increasingly used for ship and vessel decorations. Marine used aluminium honeycomb panel usually with HPL laminate on top skins to acquire better fireproof performance. The HPL laminate used is Formica laminate in a variety of colors.

Exhibition and


Aluminium honeycomb panels can be used for exhibition shelfs and advertising board as it is very light and can be manufactured into different thickness and colors.

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